Childish Things Without the Children

Doing childish things isn’t just for children. Being an adult can be tiring and boring, but just because your back hurts, or your joints ache slightly when it rains, it doesn’t mean you can’t tap into the carefree fun that children accomplish naturally. Whether you are single or married, old or young, taking a break could release your inner child—even if you don’t have a child in tow.

The only criterion for this list is that each place offers a traditionally childish activity that is also accessible to adults. The key is that a minimal number of children are there, or they aren’t even allowed through the front door.

 Jumping, Panting, and Flying

Like the sharp trajectory of a falling rock, my not-so-light body pummels into the foam pit and I sink to the bottom. Green, purple and gray foam cubes surround me. The childish grin on my face lasts as long as my time in the air from the trampoline to the foam pit.

How do I get out? The pit smells like old socks…

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