Here's a Bit of Mine

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April Lanuza, an undeveloped mind absorbing the world. 

St. Petersburg, Florida born and raised. Multimedia Journalist. Florida Gator and University of Arizona alum, holding two Master’s degrees in Journalism and Latin American Studies. Location: TBD. Trilingual in progress, self proclaimed food connoisseur, novice photographer, traveler and lover of all things news and media related. Spent six months studying Communications in Buenos Aires, Argentina and backpacking throughout South America. Backpacked in western Europe and road tripped through the U.S. Searching for my place in this world. Latin@, first generation, twenty-something, eager but absolutely certain with what I want out of life. Specialization: Latin America. Career goal: To share the stories of Latin@s and their influences at home and abroad. Digital hungry, always looking to learn, see, and do something new.